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Get The Best Out Of Your Removal Service

16Jun 2015

There’s a ton of things to consider when moving house. From bills to pay, services to hire, materials to buy, there are plenty of things that you need to keep on top of in order to avoid the process quickly going downhill. One of the most important aspects of a house move is finding the right removal company and hiring the right removal services to help you out throughout the house removals process. But how do you know which company to go with or what service to pick? What separates the cowboys from the really professional, experienced removal companies? There are things that you can do to make sure you get the best service for your requirements, so take heed of this advice and choose the right moving company, which will put your mind at ease for the duration of the moving process.

1.    Start well in advance.
Don’t put off your researching until a couple of days before you move. Start weeks, if not months in advance to ensure you find the right company.

2.    Make plenty of calls.
Do a lot of research and make a list of the companies you’re liking the sound of and are hearing good things about. Then it’s time to pick up the phone and make some calls. Don’t be afraid to ask the companies a load of questions, and make sure that you detail your move to them and get a price estimate. If the person on the end of the phone offers you answers that you’re satisfied and is able to give you quick and succinct responses, you can assume that they’re clued up and knowledgeable about the industry.  

3.    Go on price comparison sites.
Of course everyone wants to have cheap removals when it comes to their removal job. Nobody wants to pay over the odds, even if it does mean that they get provided with an exceptional service. The process has to be affordable and only you know what you’re willing to pay, so go on price comparison websites and compare the prices of the different services on offer from different companies.

4.    Recommendations.
Recommendations and testimonials are a great way of finding out about the quality of service that a company has provided in the past. Either look at the testimonials page on the company website, or ask their phone staff to provide you with a recommendation list. Although this method might be enough to put your mind at ease, the company website is only likely to contain positive comments. For a truly unbiased opinion of the company, look around review sites for companies that specialise in removals, and only then will you get a true flavour of what the company is really like.

5.    Find out about other services.
If the company is experienced and has been successful over the years, the likelihood is that they would have utilised their success by providing other services to their potential customers, such as packing and storage services, in addition to the run of the mill moving service. Ask about these services, because chances are that if you book multiple services from the same company, you could save yourself some money.

6.    Insurance.
Make sure that your possessions are insured for the moving process, so you won’t be left footing the bill to replace any damaged items.

7.    Know your timings.
Ensure you know what time the moving crew are going to arrive at your house. Also, ask what will happen if they exceed the number of hours it takes to load up the van; will you have to pay extra?